Heydox Communications, a specialist ICT company offering managed services, ICT consultancy, security solutions, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Support of ICT networks and individual systems. We take pride in legacy over 25 years of highly talented team in delivering high standard of services to organizations across all sectors Based in Bahrain to Middle East and in North America. We comprehend technological challenges faced by our clients and tailor solutions to meet their specific requirements. We can also provide network operations and maintenance to ensure post-implementation and the communications infrastructure is maintained to maximize efficiency and performance. We come with an in-depth up-to- date understanding of business needs and the ICT challenges affecting our clients.

Our extensive experience, combined with the expertise of our team of highly skilled ICT consultants and professionals, and the strategic partnerships we have formed with key technology manufacturers and vendors, means we have an unrivalled knowledge of implementing and supporting wide range of ICT infrastructure. So, you can be confident that we will deliver ideal solutions and exceptional customer service.   Our mission is to deliver new technologies which are cost effective without compromising quality. Our vision is to deliver the right business outcomes to our client, to build up a long-term relationship, which are based on trust and mutual respect.

We Provide: